Best Civic 2017 Contest

Best Civic 2017 Contest

Rules & Contest Instructions

How To Enter

  1. Register as a member, it’s free, and you can do so by clicking here you can even register with Facebook takes 2 seconds.
  2. Register for the contest
  3. Upload your pictures 4 as follows.( Side View, Front View, Rear View, Front View Hood Up)
  4. Put The Name You Registered With As The Tile Of The Upload

Prizes. –

1st Place

  • $100 Send to you via PayPal or Facebook Payments
  • Photo In the Winners Circle For The Month
  • Featured Article About Your Car ( if you want)

2nd Place

  • $50 Sent to you via PayPal or Facebook Payments
  • Photo In The Winners Circle

3rd Place

  • Bragging Rights
  • Photo In The Winners Circle


  1. Only 1 Civic Per Person
  2. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from the group.
  3. Must Register As A The Honda Club member, It’s free.
  4. Winners can only with 1 time/contest every 365 calendar days. ( we may run other contests but the “BEST Looking HONDA CIVIC (year)”
  5. Winners will be required to provide proof they own the car. Standing next to your car in your picture is fine (*with your ID). We will verify by your Facebook profile pics to make sure.

Tips For Success

  • You can vote 1 time every 12 hours for the duration of the contest. Share the contest on social media and ask people to vote for you.
  • Voters do not have to register with the site. ( Remember it’s Honda Owners Only)
  • Asking people to vote for you on social media is the best. Each person can vote 2 times per day.  There are IP Address restrictions in place so any extra efforts will not be counted.


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